Tony Denayer New CEO at Cissoid

With a new CEO, new round of funding, and new product, customers and distribution, Cissoid is on a roll.

Tony Denayer, CEO and Director, Cissoi

Cissoid has announced the appointment of Tony Denayer as CEO and Director. He joins the company from AMI Semiconductor.

Cissoid recently completed a second round of investment with initial investors (VIVES, SRIW and Soitec). An SOI pioneer, the company plans to confirm its position as a reference supplier in the high-temperature electronics market, and to expand the product portfolio and sales channels. A leader in oil & gas and aerospace, Cissoid is now looking to enter other markets such as automotive, medical and industrial applications that need reliable solutions in conditions exceeding 150°C.

For oil & gas, aeronautics, space and automotive applications, the company recently announced a new Quad High Temperature General Purpose Operational Amplifier with an industry-leading temperature range from -55°C to 225°C.

Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc. (APEI, Inc.) notes that it has successfully used Cissoid components in high-temperature and high-power modules for these markets, as well as for US military applications.

Cissoid has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Trendsetter Electronics for the USA and Mexico.

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