SemiWiki heralds Fujitsu benchmarks on high-performance 14nm FD-SOI chip

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A new SemiWiki piece by Eric Esteve heralds Fujitsu’s 14nm FD-SOI benchmark results for a high-performance networking chip (click here to read the post). In “If you still think that FDSOI is for low performance IC only…”, Esteve explains why power is critical in these high-end ASICs. He then leads readers through the benchmark results and design considerations recently posted by Fujitsu Europe’s Chief Engineer in the LinkedIn “FD-SOI design community” group (LinkedIn members can click here to join the group).  As Esteve notes, “…the great improvement on maximum power consumption on FDSOI technology is clearly due to the forward body bias effect, and such an improvement is a great benefit for high performance chips.” A highly-recommended read.

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