FD-SOI makes analog designers happy (NewElectronics)

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A recent NewElectronics article entitled ST’s FD-SOI transistor is set to give analogue designers a new knob to tune parameters, explores the many reasons that FD-SOI makes designers happy – even the analog folks. Editor Graham Pitcher talked to analog designer Andreia Cathelin, a senior member of STMicroelectronics’ technical staff. Among plenty of other things, she noted that with FD-SOI, “…transistors can offer the same analogue gain as they did at 130nm, but with the advantages of a 28nm channel.”(Read the full article here.)

It also helps simplify tuning in that you can change one parameter (linearity, noise, power consumption) without the change affecting the other parameters, she notes. For digital, she especially likes that FD-SOI can be biased up to +2V, compared to about 0.3V for bulk.

She concludes, ” “Analogue designers are happier; the transistor is back to offering good intrinsic performance and there is a ‘knob’ outside of the signal path. But if designers want to get the most out of FD-SOI, they will need to think about what they can do with that ‘knob’.”

A recommended read.

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