NXP’s Latest i.MX Applications Processors for IoT/Wearables and Automotive – Here’s Why They’re on FD-SOI [Part 1 of 2]

By Ronald M. Martino, Vice President, i.MX Applications Processor and Advanced Technology Adoption, NXP Semiconductors The latest generations of power efficient and full-featured applications processors in NXP’s very successful and broadly deployed i.MX platform are being manufactured on 28nm FD-SOI. The new i.MX 7 series leverages the 32-bit ARM v7-A core, targeting the general embedded, […]

Interview: Peregrine’s new Marketing VP on Global 1®, RF-SOI drivers, UltraCMOS 10

Interview with : Duncan Pilgrim, VP of marketing ASN had a chance to catch up with Duncan Pilgrim, Peregrine Semi’s new VP of Marketing. Here he shares insights into the company’s new reconfigurable RF front end. Duncan Pilgrim is the VP of marketing at Peregrine Semiconductor. A 17-year semiconductor industry veteran, he previously served as VP […]

AMD Bulldozer Architecture Leverages 32nm SOI

With performance, efficiency, and power optimization as top priorities, AMD’s innovative Bulldozer architecture is built on 32nm SOI. As of the Fall of 2011, AMD is shipping both client and server CPUs based on the new Bulldozer architecture. The first of the new APUs (CPU + GPU) incorporating Bulldozer modules will start shipping in 2012. […]

Interview: How NXP’s SOI Technology Enables Major Advance in Automotive Position Sensors

Guenter Reiniger, Marketing Manager for NXP’s Automotive Sensors, explains how SOI helps eliminate the need for external components in a new magnetic sensor family. Advanced Substrate News (ASN): NXP recently announced the KMA210, the first in a new family of magnetoresistive (MR) sensor chips. What is it used for? Guenter Reiniger (GR): The KMA210 is […]

GPU/CPU on SOI: the Xbox 360 did it first

Microsoft and IBM moved the CPU and the GPU of the best-selling game console in North America onto a single SoC – a year ahead of the pack. There’s a lot of excitement about the “latest trend” of integrating both the computing chip – the CPU and the graphics chip – the GPU – into […]

Smart power saves power

ST’s newest SOI-based smart power technology delivers big reductions in power consumption in medical equipment, hybrid-electric-vehicle chargers and more. There is an urgent need for semiconductor technologies that can drastically reduce electrical energy consumption in consumer and industrial appliances. At STMicroelectronics, we have developed new SOI-based smart power technology that will make a significant difference […]

Let There Be (Better!) Light

SOI is a central pillar of NXP’s energy-efficient lighting strategy. In this exclusive ASN interview, Jacques Le Berre, the company’s director of marketing and business development for Lighting Solutions, explains why. Advanced Substrate News (ASN): Looking at overall trends and the “big picture” in the lighting market, what do consumers want / what are governments […]

Driving Light

SOI is poised to take center stage in the impending lighting revolution, with companies like NXP leading the charge. Here’s why. Incandescent bulbs are being phased out or banned worldwide: European bans started taking effect in 2009; the US, Canada, Japan and Russia will start in 2012. India, Brazil, China and many more have all […]