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11 July 2018: 4G/5G Connectivity: Opportunities for the SOI Supply Chain, San Francisco, CA

SOI technology is at the base of cellular wireless connectivity: 4G and 5G are driving up the demand for both 300mm and 200mm capacity, both in short supply.  The 4G expansion and the introduction of 5G are also enlarging the scope to new applications and new frequency ranges, up to supporting mm-wave. The demand is not only about supporting continuously growing volumes, but requires to develop solutions using differentiated silicon technologies (RF-SOI, PD-SOI, FD-SOI) and to offer integrated system solutions (in-package modules, including integrated antennas).

This workshop will develop such requirements and the current solutions available from a supply chain perspective, involving substrate suppliers, equipment and material suppliers (for both substrate/silicon manufacturing and packaging solutions), and foundries.

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Workshop registration is mandatory: please select the option (at no extra charges) when registering to Semicon West.

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Wednesday July 11 from 1pm – 4h30pm
Moscone North, Room 22
747 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94013

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