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25 & 26 October 2018: Japan SOI Design Workshop

The SOI Industry Consortium organizes for the 4th time its annual workshop in Japan. During the two day workshop, leading companies working with SOI technologies will meet in Yokohama to discuss about designing with FD & RF SOI technologies and in Tokyo to exchange on more than Moore, with special focus on silicon photonics, MEMS & sensors, and the SOI manufacturing ecosystem.

Thursday Oct/25 
We will meet in Yokohama (MM Park Building 5F) for debating together about “designing with FD & RF SOI technologies”, where leading companies in the field. Speakers will cover the foundry offer, the EDA/IP and design flows and silicon characterization methodologies. The event is sponsored by Silvaco.
Friday Oct/26
We will meet in the Takeda Hall of the Tokyo University for discussing about “more than Moore, with special focus on silicon technology, MEMS & sensors, and the SOI manufacturing ecosystem”, where the major players will illustrate the technologies, design solutions, and products all from SOI based technologies. The SOI manufacturing ecosystem session will offer a privileged opportunity for understanding the advances and the maturity of SOI technologies, in production since many years.

Registration for both event is free. First come first serve!