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September 27th, 2017 – International RF-SOI Workshop

International RF-SOI Workshop, Wednesday, September 27th


This 5th International RF Workshop was focused on IoT, mobile, 5G connectivity, and mmW.


Keynote Speech

Value Creation, Russell Ellwanger, CEO, TowerJazz

>Antenna Tuning Progress and SOI Single Chip Integration for 4G/5G UE, Hidetoshi Kawasaki, GM, Sony Semiconductors Solutions Corporation

>Embrace a Brand New Cooperation in 5G Era, Danni Song, Project Manager, China Mobile

China RF-SOI Ecosystem

RF-SOI in Current and Future RFFE Solution, Joseph Jia,  AVP of Engineering, RDA

Reconfigurable RF Front End in 5G, Peter Li, CTO, Smartermicro

SMIC 0.13um RFSOI Platform Updates, Jeff Zhu, Assistant Director, SMIC

>RFSOI – A Secured Substrate SupplyKerui Wang, Senior Director, Simgui

>RF SOI – To Embrace or Not? Xiaoyong Li, CEO, Will-Microelectronics

RF-SOI Supply chain

>RFSOI: Delivering Performance and Integration for the Next Generation of Mobile, Peter Rabbeni, Senior Director, GlobalFoundries

Engineered Substrates as Foundation of Innovation in RF Connectivity, Bernard Aspar, EVP & GM, SOITEC

>Differential Complementary Millimeter Wave Power Amplifier for 5G using 45RFSOI processDenis Masliah , CEO, IDDO-IC

>Leveraging SOI in RFIC Analog Subsystems, Yoshiharu Furui, Vice Chairman, Silvaco Japan

SOI Ecosystem Participation and Benefits: A Perspective from SCREEN Semiconductor Solution as an Equipment Supplier, Oliver Vatel, Corporate Director, Senior VP, CTO, SCREEN   Semiconductor Solutions

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