Dolphin Showcases New EDA Tool for FD-SOI – More THINGS2DO Results

Dolphin Integration, a partner in the ENIAC THINGS2DO European FD-SOI project, showcased its achievements with PowerStudio™ during the project final review. Power Studio is Dolphin’s cutting-edge EDA tool for safe Power Regulation Networks implementation. THINGS2DO, which stands for THIN but Great Silicon to Design Objects, was a 4-year, >€120 million EU project (85% industry-funded) with […]

12nm FD-SOI on the Roadmap for H1/2019 Customer Tape-out! Says GloFo (While Giving 22FDX Ecosys a Great Boost)

12nm FD-SOI has now officially joined the GlobalFoundries’ roadmap, targeting intelligent, connected systems and beating 14/16nm FinFET on performance, power consumption (by 50%!) and cost (see press release here). Customer product tape-outs are expected to begin in the first half of 2019. GloFo also announced FDXcelerator™, an ecosystem designed to give 22FDX™ SoC design a […]

28nm FD-SOI Cryptocurrency Mining ASIC tapes out, to debut April 2015

Cryptocurrency mining hardware company SFARDS is preparing to release its debut miner, which is built on a 28nm FD-SOI ASIC, by April 2015. (You can read the announcement here.) At the time of this post, tape out of the company’s SF3301ASIC has been announced as complete. Cryptocurrency (the best-known example of which is Bitcoin) depends […]

Memoir Systems’ Memory IP Now in ST’s FD-SOI ASICS & SOCs

Memoir Systems has made its revolutionary Algorithmic Memory Technology available for embedded memories in ASICs and SoCs manufactured in STMicroelectronic’s FD-SOI process technology. ST is a leading manufacturer of ASICs. “With our commitment to breakthrough memory technology, accelerated design times, and extreme high-performance, making our best-in-class Algorithmic Memory Technology available on FD-SOI was important to […]

Interview: How NXP’s SOI Technology Enables Major Advance in Automotive Position Sensors

Guenter Reiniger, Marketing Manager for NXP’s Automotive Sensors, explains how SOI helps eliminate the need for external components in a new magnetic sensor family. Advanced Substrate News (ASN): NXP recently announced the KMA210, the first in a new family of magnetoresistive (MR) sensor chips. What is it used for? Guenter Reiniger (GR): The KMA210 is […]

IBM has developed a 32nm SOI prototype of the smallest

IBM has developed a 32nm SOI prototype of the smallest, densest and fastest on-chip eDRAM. It uses four times less standby power and has up to a thousand times lower soft-error rate. The technology will be used by a wide range of ASIC and foundry clients, and as well as in IBM’s servers. An initial […]

Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia National Laboratories’ fab in Albuquerque, N.M., has been accredited by the U.S. Department of Defense to provide “trusted foundry” services for its strategically radiation-hardened, 3.3-volt, 0.35-micrometer SOI process, which produces custom, low-volume, high reliability ASICs for conditions of extreme temperature fluctuations, shock and radiation.