FD-SOI, Body-Biasing Shine in 10x Faster DSP With Ultra-Wide Voltage Range

Body-biasing design techniques, uniquely available in FD-SOI, have allowed STMicroelectronics and CEA-Leti to demonstrate a DSP that runs 10x faster than anything the industry’s seen before at ultra-low voltages (read press release here). In the mobile world (not to mention the IoT), the role of DSPs is becoming ever more important. All those things you […]

New FD-SOI Presentation by ST on Design & Reuse Looks at Cost, IP

Design & Reuse has posted an excellent presentation by Giorgio Cesana of ST entitled FD-SOI Technology for Energy Efficient SoCs: IP Development Examples (click here). It explains why the technology is faster-cooler-simpler – and more cost effective. After a quick tour of the tech basics, Cesana gets into cost/performance ratios, comparing the technology to bulk […]

AMD’s second generation A-Series Accelerated Processing Units is now available in retail and distribution channels

Based again on 32nm SOI, AMD‘s second generation A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) (formerly codenamed “Trinity”) for mainstream and ultrathin notebooks, All-in-One and traditional desktops, home theater PCs and embedded designs is now available in retail and distribution channels. The new x86 cores, codenamed “Piledriver,” are an evolution of the revolutionary “Bulldozer” cores with some […]

EXCLUSIVE ASN INTERVIEW: ST’s Jean-Marc Chery on FD-SOI Manufacturing

In the spring of 2012, STMicroelectronics announced the company would be manufacturing ST-Ericsson’s next-generation (and very successful) NovaThor ARM-based smartphone/tablet processors using 28nm FD-SOI process technology. With first samples coming out this fall, ASN talks to Jean-Marc Chery, Executive Vice President, General Manager Digital Sector, Chief Technology & Manufacturing Officer, STMicroelectronics about the manufacturing process […]

Roundup: FD-SOI & Ecosystem Shine at Semicon West

A major highlight at this year’s Semicon West in San Francisco was a panel discussion by industry thought-leaders gathered to discuss the current challenges facing the mobile industry.  It was an impressive line-up of key players from the ecosystem at the forefront of fully-depleted, SOI based technologies, including: ARM: Ron Moore – Director of Strategic […]

GlobalFoundries to Fab 28/20nm FD-SOI Chips for ST; ST Technology Open to Other GF Customers

Two big pieces of news have just been announced by STMicroelectronics: to supplement in-house production at Crolles, the company has tapped GlobalFoundries for high-volume production of 28nm then 20nm FD-SOI mobile devices; ST will open access to its FD-SOI technology to GlobalFoundries’ other customers. The high-volume manufacturing will kick off with ST-Ericsson’s ARM-based 28nm NovaThor. […]

Leti: Adding Strain to FD-SOI for 20nm and Beyond

Work at Leti shows that strain is an effective booster for high-performance at future nodes. The outstanding electrostatic performance already reported for planar FD-SOI technology can be improved by the use of ION boosters in order to target-high performance applications, as already demonstrated in the past. As illustrated in Figure 1, strain can be incorporated […]

Chenming Hu: SOI Can Empower New Transistors to 10nm and beyond

FinFET and FD-SOI transistors look different but share a common principal that allows MOSFETs to be scalable to 10nm gate length. The good, old MOSFET is nearing its limits. Scaling issues and dopant-induced variations are leading to high leakage (Ioff) and supply voltage (Vdd),  resulting in excessive  power consumption and design costs. While these challenges […]