The SOI Papers at VLSI ’14 (Part 2):

Last week we posted Part 1 of our round-up of SOI papers at the VLSI Symposia – which included the paper showing that 14nm FD-SOI should match the performance of 14nm bulk FinFETs. (If you missed Part 1, covering the three big 14nm FD-SOI and 10nm FinFET papers, click here to read it now.) This […]

Self-Powered Short-Range Wireless System with MTCMOS/SOI LSIs

Ultralow-power MTCMOS/SOI technology enables self-powered wireless transmission by just touching a terminal Ultralow-power LSIs with 1- to 10-mW power dissipation should open the way to self-powered short- range wireless systems that use ambient energy sources, such as the light, kinetic and thermal energy sources around us.