IEEE SOI-3D-Subthreshold Conference (S3S, Oct. Sonoma, CA) Welcoming Papers til mid-May

The IEEE SOI-3D-Subthreshold Microelectronics Technology Unified Conference (IEEE S3S) is welcoming papers until May 18, 2015. Last year, the second edition of the IEEE S3S conference, founded upon the co-location of the IEEE International SOI Conference and the IEEE Subthreshold Microelectronics Conference was a great success targetting key topics and attracting even more participants than […]

NXP Adds to Line of SOI-based GreenChip Power Supply Controller ICs

NXP recently expanded its GreenChip line of SOI-based power supply controller ICs with the new TEA1832TS (click here for more product info). Here at ASN, we first covered this line back in 2011 (see that Buzz here), and NXP’s been adding to it ever since. Smart, green power supplies are one of the most important […]

EU report: SOI-based technologies should play important role in capturing new markets

“High performing low power digital technology based on SOI” is an important part of the detailed plan submitted February 14th by the Electronics Leaders’ Group (ELG) to European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes.  (Press release here.) The group recommends the EU focus on: Areas were Europe is strong – automotive, energy, industrial automation and security. The […]

Power & Performance: GSS Sees SOI Advantages for FinFETS

Are FinFETs better on SOI? In a series of papers, high-profile blogs and subsequent media coverage, Gold Standard Simulations (aka GSS) has indicated that, yes, FinFETs should indeed be better on SOI. To those of us not deeply involved in the research world, much of this may seem to come out of nowhere.  But there’s […]

NXP’s latest automotive audio amplifiers are built on its SOI-based ABCD technology

NXP’s latest automotive audio amplifiers are built on its SOI-based ABCD technology, and enable an uninterrupted audio experience during sudden supply voltage drops down to 6V in hybrid electric vehicles, micro-hybrids, mild hybrids, and other cars using start-stop systems. The Class-D TDF8530 offers concert-hall sound, while the TDF8546 Best Efficiency quad Class-AB amplifier cuts power dissipation […]

Soitec was named NXP’s Best Supplier for Front End Materials & Equipment

The leading producer of SOI wafers, Soitec was named NXP’s Best Supplier for Front End Materials & Equipment. NXP was one of the first in the industry to use SOI. The relationship with Soitec dates back to 1995, when the two companies began work together on the development of the (then Philips’) breakthrough SOI-based ABCD […]

Interview: How NXP’s SOI Technology Enables Major Advance in Automotive Position Sensors

Guenter Reiniger, Marketing Manager for NXP’s Automotive Sensors, explains how SOI helps eliminate the need for external components in a new magnetic sensor family. Advanced Substrate News (ASN): NXP recently announced the KMA210, the first in a new family of magnetoresistive (MR) sensor chips. What is it used for? Guenter Reiniger (GR): The KMA210 is […]