Design Highlights: ST-Ericsson’s 28nm FD-SOI SmartPhone/Tablet Chip

Just Posted: FD-SOI video & white paper. Just as this blog was going online, ST-Ericsson posted an excellent, in-depth white paper; and in partnership with STMicroelectroics, a YouTube video detailing the how’s and why’s of FD-SOI.Here are the links — you really don’t want to miss these: • Multiprocessing in Mobile Platforms: the Marketing and […]

ST-Ericsson’s 28nm FD-SOI SmartPhone/Tablet Chip at Vegas – a Great Start to 2013

What a great start to 2013: at CES in Las Vegas, ST-Ericsson announced the NovaThor™ L8580 ModAp, “the world’s fastest and lowest-power integrated LTE smartphone platform.” This is the one that’s on STMicroelectronics’ 28nm FD-SOI, with sampling set for Q1 2013. And it’s a game changer – for users, for designers, for foundries, and for […]

Want Silicon Proof? Check Out the Fully-Depleted Tech Symposium During SF/IEDM

If you want to cut through the noise surrounding the choices for 28nm and beyond, an excellent place to start is the SOI Consortium’s Fully Depleted Technology Symposium. As a member of the design and manufacturing communities, this is your chance to see and hear what industry leaders are actually doing. Planar? FinFET? The Consortium’s […]

EXCLUSIVE ASN INTERVIEW: ST’s Jean-Marc Chery on FD-SOI Manufacturing

In the spring of 2012, STMicroelectronics announced the company would be manufacturing ST-Ericsson’s next-generation (and very successful) NovaThor ARM-based smartphone/tablet processors using 28nm FD-SOI process technology. With first samples coming out this fall, ASN talks to Jean-Marc Chery, Executive Vice President, General Manager Digital Sector, Chief Technology & Manufacturing Officer, STMicroelectronics about the manufacturing process […]

GlobalFoundries to Fab 28/20nm FD-SOI Chips for ST; ST Technology Open to Other GF Customers

Two big pieces of news have just been announced by STMicroelectronics: to supplement in-house production at Crolles, the company has tapped GlobalFoundries for high-volume production of 28nm then 20nm FD-SOI mobile devices; ST will open access to its FD-SOI technology to GlobalFoundries’ other customers. The high-volume manufacturing will kick off with ST-Ericsson’s ARM-based 28nm NovaThor. […]

ST-Ericsson’s Next-gen NovaThor: This Year, at 28nm, on FD-SOI Wafers from Soitec

Big and official FD-SOI news: Soitec has announced that the company is supplying the FD-SOI wafers for ST-Ericsson’s next-generation of NovaThor 8540 smartphone/tablet processors. Starting at the 28nm node, this marks the industry’s first industrialization of the new planar, fully-depleted technology on ultra-thin SOI wafers. Soitec has just issued an official press release, but ST-Ericsson […]