Perfect Timing
Posted date : Apr 18, 2005

Casio calls its new Atomic-Solar G-Shock watch “the hottest G-Shock available”.

As heralded in a recent press release, “The toughest watch in the world is now the smartest watch in the world.” It gets its power from the sun and its time from the Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado.

What is at the heart of this phenomenon? An SOI-based ultra-low power chipset from Oki Electric’s Semiconductor division. Oki engineers indicate that the SOI version of the chipset consumes about a quarter of the power of the bulk-substrate equivalent.

The solution enabled the Casio design engineers to incorporate solar power with a new RF calibration feature, which retrieves date and time data from the Atomic Clock several times a day.

Since launching the G-Shock line about 20 years ago, Casio has shipped millions. A favorite with celebrities, they are known for their unparalled durability. The G-Shock has attained cult status, complete with on-line discussion forums and an active collectors’ market. Look for the new SOI-enabled Atomic-Solar version to shoot to the top of the charts

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