The SOI Industry Consortium organizes workshops around the world.


9 April 2019: California, San Jose, SOI Silicon Valley Symposium

Join us for a day of visionary keynotes, discussions and meetings with industry leaders. This year’s Symposium will focus on SOI products and applications, featuring speakers from Anokiwave, ARM, Core Avionics & Industrial, GlobalFoundries, IHS Markit, NXP, Samsung, STMicroelectronics, Synaptics, Leti-CEA, and EDA/IP innovators like Intento and Dolphin Integration. Follow the dynamic SOI ecosystem. The program will also feature […]

June 2019: Japan, Tokyo – EDA/IP & Photonics/Sensors Workshop

More information about location and date coming soon!

September 2019: China, Shanghai – FD-SOI Forum / RF-SOI Workshop

September 16 & 17: FD-SOI Forum & International RF-SOI Workshop More information about location and date coming soon!


20 March 2019: China, Shanghai: SOI Industry Consortium talk

SOI Industry Consortium presentation in concert with Semicon-China

19-20 November 2018: China, Shanghai – SOI Academy, FD-SOI Training

Gain Expertise in FD-SOI During two days, around 200 experienced Chinese designers interested in gaining a solid expertise in FD-SOI got a comprehensive understanding of design techniques for low-power chips including digital, mixed signal – RF & analog blocks, leveraging the multiple benefits and flexibility of FD-SOI technology. The training was offered by world-class Leti […]

13 & 15 November 2018: Germany, Munich SEMICON Europa – Talks and Panels

Two half day sessions with three panels featuring Euroean and International decision makers during Semicon Europa 2018 in Munich.

25 & 26 October 2018: Japan SOI Design Workshop

The SOI Industry Consortium has organized for the 4th time its annual workshop in Japan. During the two day workshop, leading companies working with SOI technologies met in Yokohama and discussed about designing with FD & RF SOI technologies. The second day was held in Tokyo, on More than Moore, with special focus on silicon photonics, MEMS & […]

18 & 19 September 2018: FD-SOI Forum & International RF-SOI Workshop-Shanghai

Focus on applications, products and AI/Edge Computing, 5G connectivity and its infrastructure showcasing end users, fabless and the supply chain.

11 July 2018: 4G/5G Connectivity: Opportunities for the SOI Supply Chain, San Francisco, CA

SOI technology is at the base of cellular wireless connectivity: 4G and 5G are driving up the demand for both 300mm and 200mm capacity, both in short supply.  The 4G expansion and the introduction of 5G are also enlarging the scope to new applications and new frequency ranges, up to supporting mm-wave. The demand is not […]

27 April 2018: FD-SOI Training Day – Milpitas, CA

The SOI Consortium is continuing its series of quarterly educational events with a full day training session.

26 April 2018: The annual SOI Silicon Valley Symposium at the Hyatt – Santa Clara, CA

The need for low power microelectronics without sacrificing speed has developed a strong momentum behind FD-SOI technologies.  In previous SOI Consortium events, the focus was on the growth of the ecosystem, on the progress of the EDA/IP offering, on the foundry platforms, on the supply (Si Valley, Tokyo, Shanghai). The topic this year was  SOI adoption with Special Focus on […]

September 27th, 2017 – International RF-SOI Workshop

PRESENTATIONS – 5th International RF Workshop focused on IoT, mobile, 5G connectivity, and mmW

September 26th, 2017 – Shanghai FD-SOI Forum

PRESENTATIONS – 5th Shanghai FD-SOI Forum focused on IoT, Ultra Low Power pervasive computing, smart driving, mixed signal, and RF

September 25th: FD-SOI Design Tutorial, Shanghai

PRESENTATIONS – From Process through Design Insights towards System Level Implementations

31st May – 1st June 2017: The Annual Tokyo SOI Workshop – Japan

PRESENTATIONS > One and a half day workshop on SOI Ecosystem and “Convergence of IoT, Automotive through Connectivity”

14 April 2017: A full day training about “designing with FD-SOI technologies” – San Jose, CA

Organizer: Andreia Cathelin, STMicroelectronics, Mentors: Carlos Mazuré and Giorgio Cesana, SOI Industry Consortium

Symposium: FD-SOI – San Jose 2016

PRESENTATIONS > Digital Business Transformation – Why IOT is changing everything? By Aglaia Kong, CTO/VP, IOT Solution, Cisco Systems > Enabling the Digital Connected World with FDSOI by Thinh Tran, President & CEO, Sigma Designs > Smart Technology Choices and Leadership Application Processors by Ron Martino, Vice President, Application Processors Product Line, NXP Semiconductors > Enabling […]

Forum: FD-SOI and RF-SOI – Tokyo 2016

PRESENTATIONS > Opening Keynote by Babu Mandava, CEO, Ineda Systems > Ultralow-Voltage Design and Technology of Silicon-on-Thin-Buried-Oxide (SOTB) CMOS for Highly Energy Efficient Electronics in IoT Era by Shiro Kamohara, Chief Professional, Renesas Electronics Corp. > Enabling SoC Innovations with 22FDXTM by Subramani Kengeri, VP of Global Design Solutions, GlobalFoundries > The industry’s first mass-produced FDSOI […]

Forum: Design for FD-SOI – Shanghai 2015

PRESENTATIONS > The Right Technology at the Right Time by Sanjay Jha, CEO, GlobalFoundries (no public version) > Why China is a Good Market for FD-SOI by Handel Jones, CEO, IBS, Inc. > FD-SOI Opportunities, Challenges and Ecosystem in China by Wayne Dai, Chairman, President and CEO, VeriSilicon (no public version) > FD-SOI Technologies Enabling Fast […]

Workshop: Interconnected world – Shanghai 2015

On September 16th, 2015 the SOI Industry Consortium, VeriSilicon, the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT) and Shanghai Industrial µTechnology Research Institute (SITRI) organized with many sponsors The 2015 International RF-SOI Workshop: “Interconnected world”. This event has given the opportunity to listen to executives, decision makers and technology owners from Skyworks, Qorvo, TowerJazz, […]

Workshop: SOI Workshop in Dresden – July 7, 2015

On 7 July 2015, the Silicon Saxony Community got together for the 10th Silicon Saxony Day in Dresden. Within the project Silicon Europe and in collaboration with the SOI Consortium, an SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) workshop was held during the afternoon. This 3-hour workshop has been a great opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the SOI […]

Workshop: 2015 Impulsion to products – Taiwan

After an introduction of the FDSOI industrial ecosystem by the SOI Consortium, the first morning session “Silicon proven design experience in 28nm FDSOI” focused on 28nm FDSOI discussing low power, high speed, back-biasing techniques for digital and analog applications. During the following session “A full chain to enable 28nm FDSOI from design to prototyping” the […]