FD-SOI and RF-SOI Forum – Tokyo, Japan, 2016
Posted date : Jan 25, 2016


> Opening Keynote by Babu Mandava, CEO, Ineda Systems

> Ultralow-Voltage Design and Technology of Silicon-on-Thin-Buried-Oxide (SOTB) CMOS for Highly Energy Efficient Electronics in IoT Era by Shiro Kamohara, Chief Professional, Renesas Electronics Corp.

> Enabling SoC Innovations with 22FDXTM by Subramani Kengeri, VP of Global Design Solutions, GlobalFoundries

> The industry’s first mass-produced FDSOI technology for the IoT era, with single design platform benefits by Yongjoo Jeon, Principal Engineer in SEC Foundry marketing, Samsung

> FD-SOI In The Connected World by Navraj Nandra, Sr. Director, IP Product Sales, Synopsys

> FDSOI Technology Advantages for Analog/RF and Mixed-Signal Designs by Andreia Cathelin, Senior Member of Technical Staff, STMicroelectronics – ST FD-SOI Technology

> Expanding FD-SOI Design and Application Options by Shirley Jin, Sr. Director of Engineering, Verisilicon

> Paradigm Shift from Standard Cell design methodology to the Platform ASIC Design methodology with SOI by Seiji Miwa, President Japan, Baysand

> Substrate maturity and readiness in large volume to support mass adoption of ULP FDSOI platforms by Christophe Maleville, Senior Vice President, Digital Electronics BU, Soitec

> Introduction on VDEC activities and FD-SOI Chip Fabrication Services by Makoto Ikeda, Professor, VDEC, University of Tokyo

> 300mm RFSOI Development toward IoT Era by Kenji Tateiwa, General Manager of R&D Strategic Planning, TPSCo

> RFSOI: Defining the RF-Digital Boundary for 5G by Peter Rabbeni, Sr. Director RF Product Marketing and Business Development, GlobalFoundries

> Tunable FEM Integration and Architecture Innovation in RF SOI CMOS by Barend van Liempd, PhD Researcher, imec and Vrije Universiteit Brussels

> SOI Needs Better than IR-Drop by François Clément, CTO, CWSEDA

> ST H9SOI_FEM: 0.13µm RF-SOI Technology for Front End Module Integration by Pietro Maestri, RF Product Line Director, STMicroelectronics

> LAPIS’s SOI Sensor Technology by Masao Okihara, Sensor Development Group, Device Technology Development Division, Lapis

> MEMS&NEMS at the heart of More than Moore: technologies and integration overview by Yann Lamy, Program Manager, CEA-Leti

> SOI based Image Sensors Using Backgate Pinning Techniques for Soft X-ray, Near Infrared and Time-of-flight Range Imaging by Shoji Kawahito, Professor, Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University / Chairman CTO, Brookman Technology Inc.

> 100G Optical Communication using ST Silicon Photonics Products by Kirk Ouellette, Director Digital Product Group, STMicroelectronics

> Silicon Photonics Technology on SOI wafers for Optical Interconnect by Tohru Mogami, Chief Manager, PETRA


> Impact of Backplane Configuration on the Statistical Variability in 22nm FDSOI CMOS by Gold Standard Simulations (GSS) & GlobalFoundries

> Advanced Technology Entablement for RF SOI by Incize

> Wafer Supplier Aspects of FD-SOI and RF-SOI by Shin-Etsu Handotai

> Soitec, your innovation partner by Soitec

> When Power is Paramount by SureCore

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