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GlobalFoundries and Synopsys Streamline the Move to 22nm FD-SOI
Posted date : Feb 9, 2016

By: Tamer Ragheb, Digital Design Methodology Technical Manager at GlobalFoundries and Josefina Hobbs, Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances, Syn

GF’s 22nm FD-SOI Offering – Where to Get Lots of Excellent Info
Posted date : Oct 2, 2015

A fast-growing body of information is now posted by GlobalFoundries on their new 22nm FD-SOI offering. After years of asking “where's FD-SOI o

IBM Photonics (That’s SOI!) Ready for Cloud, Big Data Apps
Posted date : May 14, 2015

Cassette carrying several hundred chips intended for 100 Gb/s transceivers, diced from wafers fabricated with IBM SOI-CMOS Integrated Nano-Photo

New Semico Study on SOI Apps, Opps & Markets
Posted date : Apr 27, 2015

Research and consulting group Semico has issued a new report entitled SOI Update 2015: Finding New Applications (for information on getting a cop

28nm FD-SOI cryptocurrency ASIC first to debut in silicon, surpasses expectations with 0.45V operation
Posted date : Apr 21, 2015

SFARDS' SF3301 cryptocurrency ASIC is the world’s first chip to use 28nm FD-SOI. Surpassing expecttions, it operates at a stunning 0.45V. (Cou

28nm FD-SOI Cryptocurrency Mining ASIC tapes out, to debut April 2015
Posted date : Mar 11, 2015

Cryptocurrency mining hardware company SFARDS is preparing to release its debut miner, which is built on a 28nm FD-SOI ASIC, by April 2015. (You

IBM z13, world’s fastest microprocessor – on SOI, of course!
Posted date : Feb 2, 2015

A 22nm SOI chip is at the heart of IBM’s new z13 mainframe, one of the most sophisticated computer systems ever built. (Augusto Menezes/Featur

Successful RF-SOI 2014 International Symposium Held in Shanghai
Posted date : Dec 5, 2014

A very successful international workshop on RF-SOI was held in Shanghai earlier this fall.  Jointly organized by industry leaders, it br

Is China Interested in FD-SOI? You bet.
Posted date : Oct 28, 2014

At the recent FD-SOI Forum in Shanghai, the IoT (Internet of Things) was the #1 topic in all the presentations. The event was sponsored by the

FD-SOI: The Best Enabler for Mobile Growth and Innovation
Posted date : Aug 8, 2014

The following in-depth analysis, an IBS study entitled How FD-SOI will Enable Innovation and Growth in Mobile Platform Sales, concludes that the