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What’s Behind the Power Savings in sureCore’s FD-SOI SRAM IP?
Posted date : Feb 12, 2016

By Duncan Bremner, CTO SureCore Limited Editor’s note: sureCore just announced availability of its 28nm FD-SOI memory compiler (press releas

Call for submissions to FD-SOI IP Workshops (prizes!): Dresden (March), Bangalore (April), Shanghai (Sept), Grenoble (Dec)
Posted date : Feb 3, 2016

  Design & Reuse, in partnership with GlobalFoundries, ST, Soitec and Leti, is sponsoring a series of FD-SOI IP Workshops around the

Yes, 28nm FD-SOI Silicon Is Running (Samsung Interview, Part 1 of 3)
Posted date : Dec 19, 2015

Kelvin Low, senior director of marketing for Samsung Foundry Axel Fischer, director of Samsung System LSI business in Europe ASN spoke with

Yes! FD-SOI IP Ready for GF, Samsung; Ecosystem Now a Force to Be Reckoned With
Posted date : Jul 6, 2015

The recent LetiDays FD-SOI workshop in Grenoble was the biggest show of force to date for the burgeoning FD-SOI ecosystem. In addition to a raft

Top Silicon Valley Companies Signed Up for FD-SOI & RF-SOI Forum (27 Feb. 2015 in SF, free, registration still open)
Posted date : Feb 23, 2015

Name a top Silicon Valley company, and you'll probably find it on the attendance list of the upcoming FD-SOI & RF-SOI Forum in San Francisco.

On FD-SOI, Surecore’s ULP SRAM Saves 70% Power; Company Raised $1.6 Million (SemiEngineering)
Posted date : Feb 23, 2015

SureCore's ultra-low power SRAM technology on 28nm FD-SOI saves 70% in read/write power and reduces leakage by 30% compared to 40nm bulk implemen

ST video from IP-SoC on European FD-SOI ecosystem projects posted on YouTube
Posted date : Feb 9, 2015

(Courtesy: ST, designreuse) A video made during ST's FD-SOI presentation at IP-SoC 2014 has now been posted by designreuse on YouTube (you ca

Tokyo FD-SOI/RF-SOI Workshop (part 2): Sony 1mW FD-SOI GPS steals the show, but great presentations from EDA & design houses, too
Posted date : Feb 9, 2015

The Sony presentation on a 28nm FD-SOI GPS chip for an IoT app, which cut power by 10x (down to 1mW), has gained enormous traction worldwide.  H

More FD-SOI myth-busting, courtesy semiwiki
Posted date : Sep 11, 2014

In his recent piece, A couple of misconceptions about FD-SOI (3 September 2014), semiwiki blogger and IP expert Eric Esteve corrects some asserti

Synopsys Design Flow Support for Samsung-ST 28nm FD-SOI (With More Details on What Designers Need to Know)
Posted date : Jun 8, 2014

Following the big FD-SOI/EDA news, Synopsys has provided ASN with more details for designers.             The Synopsys’ Galaxy Desi